OmniSeg, Holonomic drive Scooter concept design and Render. OmniSeg is an electric driven scooter designed to carry out daily commute in huge commercial areas and can also be fashioned as a ‘Toy’. It is oddly, a four wheeled Scooter in it’s category of two wheeled scooters commonly known as ‘Segways’. The Omniseg has four Mecanum wheels that allow it to move forward, Backward, Sideways and Diagonally without actually turning.
Mecanum wheels have sets of rollers sitting precisely 45° with respect to the ground. These wheels are attached in such a way that all the rollers point toward the centre allowing them to move “holonomically” (in all directions without pivoting).
Use of these wheels in these scooters will help improving manuevering in tight corners, say for example in an office lobby or cafeteria. Although this Scooter qualifies merely as a ‘functional vehicle’ and more leans towards a ‘recreational toy’, The non-pivotal multidirectional movement can also be applied in wheelchairs, stretchers etc.