Project Solace
Project Solace is a simple solution for keeping food warm and fresh. It creates a suitable environment for the food in order to avoid going stale and cold. This project was primarily worked on for latchkey kids or ‘Self care’ kids who have to spend a particular amount of time alone at their house during after school hours.  
This is brief meaning of the word ‘Solace’ here which also tries to explain the reason behind choosing this particular name for the same. The word ‘Solace’ basically means, to provide comfort when in need. Which is the prime thought that went through my mind while working on this project.
This project was completed in 4 weeks, the whole project was done following a specific design process which helped get a better understanding of the problem and seamlessly  bring out the solution into a finished product.
Various researches have shown that a lot of school kids spend a time span of 2-4 hours on the average alone at home. The working parents of these kids, prepare food for them in the morning before they go to their designated jobs. It is noticed that these kids have to come to stale and boring food after school, these kids choose not to eat this food which in return affects their psychological and physical health.