Have you all ever experienced the time when everyone from the family comes over to watch a sports game and you crank up the projector but you don’t want to because of it’s inconvenience and portability issues? Well this product attempts to tackle that situation by offering better portability and convenience to the user while maintaining all the essentials needs a projector that it should fulfil without comprising over quality.

Swivel is a rotating Projector that has a rotating hinge with a 120° of rotation. It is a circular unit which closes flush into a semi circular entrapment to give a simple yet aesthetic look. The projector tries to eliminate the generic notion of the poorly designed, heavy and robust projectors that make you go through a hard time deciding whether to keep it around in the visible spaces of the home or not. Swivel has wireless capabilities increasing portability as well. The over all look and design of the product is very appealing to the eye which makes it suitable to be kept at home where it can act as an automatic conversation starter.